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SH-3 - Flexible and reliable from 6,600 tpm up to 7,200 tpm

Standard filter hopper station to cut filter rods

  • Special plug device for precise insertion of double length filters in the cigarette paper
  • Gluing device (pressure) for fixing the double filter in the rod
  • Special Garniture Bench for TubesMaking (one size)
  • Gluing device (pressure) for seam
  • Two Full Bobbins holder with automatic splicing full speed
  • Short arm Spider for less maintenance and smooth tubes transfer


Compatible with Hauni and Decouflé equipment, e.g.:

  • SAF massflow or FILTROMAT pneumatic filter feed system
  • HCF-M, HCF-C, UNIFLOW 2 and UF-I tray filler
  • RESY-T and RESY-DT filter tube reservoir
  • HPD 6000 packer for up to 7,000 tpm
  • Hauni LASER for online cigarette perforation


Focus on tube making:

  • Low operating costs and easy maintenance
  • Free standing cabinet equipped with a Programmable Logic Computer (PLC Siemens) to control, Start and Stop Program Siemens regulating the complete material flow of the whole combination
  • Main maker subassemblies easy accessible
  • Compact machine design for a small footprint


Upgrade possibilities to 7,200 tpm by latest Nano-T solution:

  • Double knife cutting head with extremely low maintenance (every 15,000 h)
  • New generation print device single color ( second color as option)
  • Contactless filter gluing unit
  • Latest sheer cut device for a perfect tipping paper cut