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Nano-T - Next level tube making

Decades of experience in tube making combined with the innovative Nano platform bring forth Decouflés newest masterpiece.
This latest cornerstone in a strong legacy of market-leading tube maker enables cost-effective production and easy operation at a speed of up to 8,000 tpm. Any production environmentbecomes suitable by key attributes as the Nano-T robust and straightforward technology. Last but not least the sophisticateddesign of the Nano family guarantees maximum tube quality for all common and future formats.

Flexible and reliable at up to 8,000 tpm

  • Latest online controls ensure precise filter position and seam consistency
  • Filter length change from 12 mm to 25 mm in four hours enable a flexible production planning
  • Increased gross efficiency due to easy and fast cleaning

Compatible with Hauni and Decouflé equipment, e.g.:

  • SAF massflow or FILTROMAT pneumatic filter feed system
  • HCF-M, HCF-C, UNIFLOW 2 and UF-I tray filler
  • RESY-T and RESY-DT filter tube reservoir
  • HPD 10 (up to 10,000 tpm) and HPD 6000 packer for up to 7,000 tpm


Focus on tube making: low operating costs and easy maintenance

  • Intuitive HMI with full access to parameters and statistics
  • Reducednumber of mechanical components
  • Main maker subassemblieseasy accessible
  • Compact machine design for a small footprint, including switch cabinet