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In 1885, Anatole Decouflé invented his first cigarette machine, which started a revolution within the present tobacco industry. His idea was to wrap a continuous strand of tobacco in a continuous paper tube that is shut before cutting the length of the cigarette. This invention was first presented at the Universelle Exposition in 1889 and was soon established as the most advanced product on the market

By 1910, Decouflé's machines accomplished amazing results of 600 to 800 cigarettes per minute. In 1927, the machines already reached performances around 1,200 cigarettes per minute and in a few years, the production speed reached 1,300 to 1,600 cigarettes per minute. Decouflé constantly improved the development of cigarette production and stands for a continual progress in optimizing regularity during tube filling. This has been achieved by continuously improving the distributor that pours the tobacco while forming the strand.



1864 - M. Anatole Edouard Decouflé designs his first machine for tobacco industry
1868 - Decouflé's company is founded
1885 - The first tube with crimped seam instead of glue Introduction Manila and Neva machines
1908 - Gallia Maker with tube manufacturing and tobacco rod insertion 250 cigarettes per minutes
1956 - Revolutionary developments are among the amount of patents held by Decouflé
          - Rod formation by suction
          - Cutting principle
          - Elliptical transfert
1979 - Decouflé becomes member of the Koerber Group and centralizes its activity in Chilly Mazarin