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Nano-C - Proven technology from the cigarette industry for cigarillo production

Make the first class cigarillo

  • New hopper design - Gentle forming of a uniform tobacco layer
  • Flexible: rod formation with cut rag and threshed tobacco
  • Accurate tobacco amount and density in the cigarillo
  • Cutting with highest quality and maximum uptime
  • Quality control of final product

Low maintenance costs and easy operation.
Easy maintenance at manageable intervals and high operational reliability combine to keep your costs
on a minimum level.

  • Beckhoff Soft PLC
  • Intuitive HMI display
  • Main maker line subassemblies easily accessible
  • Multiple rotary cutting ledgers
  • Double knife cutting head with extremely low maintenance
  • Rod maker and assembler have independent servo drives
  • Integrated waste conveyor
  • Compact machine design for small footprint, including switch cabinet

Compatible with Decouflé product


  • Laser compatible (LASERPORT)
  • Over tipping for natural leaves over wrapped cigars
  • Cutting and tip turning unit for single length cigars output


ET - Elliptical Transfer

  • 4 arm spider to comply with long cigars (280 mm double length)
  • Prepared for VARIOMAT-N connection
  • Integrated to Nano-C (HMI&PLC)